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Clydebank Community Sports Hub

Connecting the community with child’s play

Sports Hub_1142-ME.jpg

Clydebank Community Sports Hub
Casting connections

A new sports hub has brought world-class facilities to an important Glasgow regeneration area. We helped architects MKA connect it with the community.

Armed with kits of building-block shapes, we asked local schoolchildren to create their own images of sport and Clydebank lore. These would become part of decorative panels which everyone could see and touch on their way in and out of the centre.

We were astonished by the kids’ creativity. Radiating a real sense of fun, their 90 individual tiles were put together and cast in concrete at different depths. The changing shapes bring energy, warmth and humour to this new community meeting place.

Client: West Dunbartonshire Council
Role: Public art / Environment design / Production management
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Clydebank Community Sports Hub
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Project Summary

Art direction
Production Management


Workshop & Design: Whitecrook Primary
Photography: Dapple
Architecture: Marc Kilkenny Architects
CNC Production: Podbox
Concrete Production: Plean Precast

Client Comments

“It has been a real pleasure working with Greig and Sophie on this project. Freytag Anderson combine creativity and efficiency in a manner that appears effortless. Every meeting was productive, stimulating and fun with the end product delivered on time and exceeding expectations. I look forward to the next collaboration”

Marc Kilkenny, Director
Marc Kilkenny Architects