Truenorth Two

A brochure and website for production company Truenorth reveals the dreamlike landscapes of Nordic regions.


A brochure and website for production company Truenorth unlock the secret landscapes of the Nordics.


Promoting its Iceland/Norway services, producer Truenorth needed to demonstrate the variety of filming environments it can offer. The company was also seeking to broaden its appeal to all sizes and types of production. 

In homage to the stunning locations at the heart of Truenorth’s work, we’d previously established a photography-led approach for the company’s materials. There’s little need for embellishment: the landscapes speak for themselves.

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We continued this approach in the latest brochure, deliberately avoiding cliché in the photography. Our unexpected, slightly surreal selections contrast with straightforward information about the practicalities of shooting. Opening the book feels like discovering a secret, with a zip tab unsealing the cover to reveal the landscapes inside. 

To maximise this impact, the cover is pared back to minimal information and kept image-free. Typography is likewise clean and simple, ensuring the important facts are easily digested and giving the images room to breathe. Finely detailed map graphics speak of exploration and adventure - with Truenorth as the guide.



The website design combines a confident minimalism with the bold, dramatic use of high quality motion and photographic content. Text is used sparingly alongside haunting landscape imagery, creating a fully immersive viewing experience.


Project insights


The logistical expertise of Truenorth is second to none. We worked with their Icelandic team to art-direct and select content which demonstrates this expertise to best effect. Rarely have we had such beautiful, insightful imagery at our disposal.


Client: Discover Truenorth
Role: Strategy / Design / Art-direction
Discipline: Corporate identity / Website / Promotional materials
Photography: Ragnar Axelsson
Website: Shaun Woods

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